Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your gallery? Can I come and see it?

I have a residential gallery, at home where I make my artwork and finish my photography and framing. All of my stock is stored and not open for viewing unless I am at a show. I do not have my work displayed and therefore do not have potential customers come here.

Where can I see and purchase a piece of artwork?

I sell my artwork through 3 different means:

  1. Approximately 5-10 times per year I attend Art & Fine Craft sales and set up a selling booth
  2. My website has a full listing of what I have available. Only the very latest items may not show on the website. The website is also now completely capable of secure online transactions.
  3. Retail locations, listed on my website, have good selections, but not everything. Their contact info can be found on my website to call if needed.

Why do I see 3 or 4 of the same picture on your gallery when I search by category?

A photograph may have different cropping with different sizes and so each size is shown separately.

How do you process my payment?

We know that security is very important when shopping online, so we have enlisted Paypal Payment Services to process any payments made online. They are PCI Compliant and any questions regarding security can be found on their website.

What is the expected lifespan of your photography?

I use materials that have been tested against fading for over 100 years. With the UV inhibiting laminate that I also use on every photo, it extends the life as well. Tests for this haven't been done to my knowledge, however any research I have done concludes that the laminate protects the image very well.

There is no glass, how do I dust it?

The laminate finish completely protects the photograph so all you need is a damp cloth, no chemicals. Don't push hard or use a hard object as this may damage the laminate, the print, and/or the backing material.

What payment do you accept?

Online orders: credit card or Paypal
Phone orders: credit card
Show purchases: cash, cheque, debit or credit card.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express

I like your stuff, but I want something in a different size. Can you do that?

Most of the time, yes. Sometimes a photo may not be able to be cropped, or cannot be made vertical from horizontal, but many times I may have other exposures of the same scene and can help with a request. Please contact me to ask about specific requests.

How big do you offer prints?

Currently my sizing goes as large as 22x40 print inside a frame making it 26x44 inches. The maximum I print at is two feet by four feet.

Where do you print your photographs?

I print them all myself. I have a large format professional printer.

What if the artwork gets damaged from shipping?

We are very careful in our packaging to ensure the pictures arrive safely. If there is damage, we always get insurance when mailing it. Call or email us and your picture will be replaced promptly.

I wanted a hand painted Expressive Frame but the one I want says Sold. Do you have more?

No, the Expressive Frames are one of a kind. By request up to a very limited number, I could paint a frame for that photograph again, but due to the nature of painting, cannot guarantee it will be exactly like the last one.